The Great British Food Revival – Long live British Trout!

We are both proud and excited that the Great British Food Revival has championed farmed British trout as part of their campaign to encourage the British public to return to cooking and eating “the best of British”.

Great British Food RevivalFamous French chef Raymond Blanc – a longstanding favourite in our office, even before this programme aired! – has recently decided to promote trout in an hour long programme, dedicated both to British trout and also featuring “Great British Bake Off” star Mary Berry celebrating real dairy ice cream (yet another longstanding favourite in our food obsessed office!).

If you missed this programme, then look it up on the BBC iplayer – The Great British Food Revival – Trout.

There are three wonderful recipes featured during the programme – a whole trout recipe, a trout fillet recipe and a cold smoked trout and beetroot salad recipe.

If you have not eaten trout for a while, we really do encourage you to give it a go again – and what could be better than taking this programme as your inspiration. As chef Raymond Blanc notes, trout is as tasty as salmon and slightly cheaper – and is widely available in all supermarkets as well as farm shops, fishmongers and delicatessens (which is just as well as not all of us are granted permission to fish for rainbow trout on the Wye – one of the very few populations of wild rainbow trout in the UK – and a rare opportunity granted to the lucky M. Blanc during filming). Don’t forget too that trout is also an “oily fish” – i.e. a rich source of omega 3 – along with other essential vitamins and nutrients, like selenium and vitamin D.

Never complacent though, the BTA accepts that we have a job still to do on our hands. During a “trout recognition test” taken during the programme, not everyone could identify trout when presented with a selection of different fish, and so we will be setting out over the coming months to promote our wonderful product even further as part of our campaign to get the British consumer buying trout again. This is particularly important given how popular trout is with those who taste it. As the programme demonstrated, two children had never eaten trout before, but loved it - giving it 10 out of 10 in the taste and flavour stakes.

Chef Raymond Blanc

Chef Raymond Blanc poses with trout - image courtesy of

So what more to say than to repeat the words of Raymond Blanc himself – “fill up your baskets with trout and cook them for your family.” Try this “fantastically tasty and versatile little fish” – with recipes that are both simple and “fantastically nutritious”. If you are looking for further trout recipe inspiration then click on the recipes tab of our blog - where you will find lots of ideas for recipes featuring whole trout, fillets and smoked trout.

Our final words are those of the Great British Food Revival and Raymond Blanc – “Long live British Trout!”

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