Welcome to Quality Trout UK

Established over a decade ago, Quality Trout UK (QTUK) is both the longest standing and pre-eminent quality assurance scheme for trout farming in the UK.

Focussing on product quality, food safety and full traceability from hatchery to processor, the QTUK standards also aim to be at the forefront of environmental best practice, fish welfare and continuing improvement.

Developed by the UK trout industry itself, Quality Trout UK Ltd owns and maintains quality standards created by and for the UK trout farming industry on a not for profit basis. Quality Trout UK defines the procedures and practices for trout farming and ensures products are farmed to a consistently high quality. Certification to the QTUK standards is recognised by most major UK multiple retailers and is also a requirement of several export customers. QTUK scheme members are inspected annually by an independent, UKAS accredited certifying body.

The Quality Trout UK standard is an ISO/IEC 17065 certified scheme.

Developed by the industry for the industry QTUK ensures the highest standards in farmed trout production, addressing traceability, product quality, food safety, fish health and welfare and best farming practice throughout the supply chain.